Friday, August 3, 2012

More in Store

Blue Batik and Shibori Bundle

Five 14" by 18" pieces of hand dyed fabric, using batik and shibori methods. A mix of hemp/cotton blend, cotton gauze, broadcloth cotton, and hemp linen.

Hemp and Organic Cotton Yard in Meadowgrass

A bright yard of a hemp and organic cotton blend fabric. If you haven't tried this fabric before, its lower threadcount makes it ideal for fabric art. It hand needles very easily. I actually use it for a lot of my shibori because it is so easy to hand sew.

Hemp Linen yard in Rust and Blues

Love, love this fabric. It is a 100% hemp line. The patterning on this is something I haven't been able to achieve on 100% cotton or a hemp/cotton blend. There is something about the weave and fibers that is unique and allows the dye to move around and makes these wonderful ghostly patterns.