Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Google Analytics and your Etsy Store

If you are selling anything online, you are going to want to figure out where your online traffic is coming from and how it is pointing to you.

Probably most importantly, you want to know which search terms shoppers are using to get to your items. And which items they see when they enter specific search terms.

Google analytics has more information than the average online business needs...or knows how to access! I am probably familiar with about 1% of its total abilities.

Having an Etsy store means most of my customers are going straight to Etsy and then typing in search terms. A fraction of my customers do come from an organic google search or a paid google search (Etsy buys Google ads). You may also find you have customers coming to your Etsy store from the Etsy "market" pages, which basically show the shopper a page of results of a specific search on Etsy.

Here's an easy report you can create that will show you, in broad general categories, how shoppers are finding you.

I am assuming you have set up a Google analytics account. If you have more than one website connected to your GA account, make sure to select the view that reflects your Etsy store.

Here's an example of a simple report that shows you 1) what country a visitor is in 2) how they got to your store 3) what page they viewed 4) amount of time spent on page

Direct viewers came to Etsy directly and entered the search term in column 4.  Social viewers were referred to your store via social media.

To generate this report, create a custom report with the following dimensions and metrics.

You can add a filter also, and of course, you can limit the dates for which you want to to see data.

You will need to make sure you exclude your own traffic. You can do this under Administration->View->Filters.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Vintage Love

I haven't posted here in a very long while.  Life!  Anyway, just thought I'd share one of my favorite machines.  My Bernina Record 730 that I was very lucky to get for $25 about 20 years ago. I recently replaced a cracked nylon gear, which is a common problem with these machines apparently. But 99% of the machine is metal and built to last. Now I have a problem with the ornamental stitches not forming properly -- probably need to adjust the timing for the metal cam that creates the patterns. But the straight stitch is always great on this tank.

Started a small project today to test out the machine.  I'm using a hemp and organic cotton blend fabric that I hand dyed in some warm hues of orange, fuchsia and watermelon. This fabric is great because it sews by machine very easily and also is great for hand stitching. This will become a pillow cover, and I might want to embellish it with some hand embroidery, so I opted for this fabric.