Sunday, July 17, 2011

Miss Scarlet

Scarlet red....a bold and bright hue that I love when I'm looking for a true red. Not a dark red, toned with black. Or a plum red, swirled with blue. But what I'd consider a pure primary red. It does have a slight orangey tint to it...ever so slight.

 For this piece, I used 100% hemp linen. I really love this fabric! It is soft and durable. And best of all, it is easy to sew. That means it is a dream for creating stitched shibori.  For the piece on the left, I tied marbles into the fabric before dyeing it. This is a simple technique, but it creates lovely irregular circles. I call it "jellyfish" because it does remind me of schools of jellyfish I've seen in the ocean.

The second piece is an arashi shibori. I folded the fabric onto a PVC pipe and wrapped it with thick twine. Because it is wrapped on an angle, the resulting lines are on the diagonal and alternate direction across the cloth. There were four layers of cloth on the pole, and the contrast of the pattern varies, depending on how close the fabric is to the dye. This technique makes unique and beautiful cloth and no two pieces are ever alike.  A looser weave cloth like this hemp linen is a perfect candidate for arashi, because it allows the dye to penetrate the layers more easily.

These pieces would be terrific for a creation of fiber art because they are easy to hand sew. The fabrics are colorfast. Hemp does unravel easily, so that's something to take into consideration.