Thursday, June 18, 2009

Turquoise & Navy Batik Fabric Set

About a month ago, I hand dyed about 5 yards of turquoise cotton fabric and have been using as a creative base to create batiks and low water immersion projects. Yesterday,I stamped a half yard of the turquoise fabric with my "Whirling Dervish" motif and overdyed it in navy blue. It is wonderfully vibrant.

For a change, I thought I'd offer the batiked half yard with a solid half yard of turquoise as a set. That gives the crafter a full yard of fabric to work with that is already color-matched.

The fabric I've been using is a pimatex cotton that is 58" wide, so there's plenty in one yard to do several throw pillows, for example. A pillow with the whirling dervish motif on one side and the solid turquoise on the reverse would look fabulous. The finishing touch would be to pipe the pillow in turquoise. Lovely!
Check it out on my Etsy site: Turquoise and Navy Batik Fabric Set