Sunday, March 30, 2014

Why Organic Cotton Matters

After reading about the environmental and human consequences of the cultivation and processing of conventional cotton, I'm on a mission to limit my offerings to organic cottons and hemp.  I still have a lot of conventional cotton in my store, but I am no longer ordering bolts of conventional cotton. Going forward, I will be hand dyeing only certified organic cotton cloth.  Although organic cotton costs more for me to buy (and I have to pass that cost on to my buyers), it's an easy decision to make. If you are a crafter, sewer or mom or dad, I think buying organic is important. The more consumers demand organic products, the more will be produced. The incentives to use genetically modified seed will diminish, as will the demand for pesticides and herbicides. It's a long term process, but everyone can do their part.  Here's a brief article about why buying organic cotton matters:

Organic Cotton Benefits

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