Sunday, March 30, 2014

New in Store

Here are some new items in my store:  

Desert Green Shibori

I used some really old remazol liquid dye on this one. It came out much lighter green than I expected, but I like it. It's a very muted khaki green on a silk and hemp blend fabric.

 Organic Cotton Gauze

Here's a swaddle cloth made from organic cotton. Would also be fabulous as a foundation for a fiber art piece. Lots of dark medium and pale mottled blues on a super soft fabric. It's a double gauze, so it's semi sheer but sturdier than the single layer gauze. Could be used as is as a wonderful scarf too!

Organic Cotton and Hemp Saffron Orange

This is a great fabric for fiber arts. It is really easy to hand sew because it has a lower threadcount than most broadcloth cottons, but it is very sturdy. I love that it is made with certified organic cotton and hemp.

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