Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Recommended Shibori Thread

I'm always looking around for great tools of the craft.  I discovered this thread is great for shibori. It is waxed, so it doesn't slide around on the fabric or your pole. It is super strong and can be pulled very hard without stretching. I usually wear a fleece glove when I am pulling very hard or I end up with rope burns/cuts! And it comes in different diameters. And, best of all, it is made in Maine!

I've used both the .035" diameter and the .050" diameter and they both work well, but the .050 will give you better markings on thicker fabric.

I've learned to stay away from colored cord -- sometimes the color can bleed on your project and ruin it.

Here's the link to this product on their website:

Maine Thread Waxed Cord

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Kim Barron said...

Instead of gloves, I have little 'fingers' I made out of some leather scraps. Then I can keep my fingertips free for dexterity. And if they get cut through I can replace them.
I just tacked them together, didn't do much for seams.