Friday, January 25, 2013

Confluence of Hues

Over the last few months I've been working on creating palettes from primaries and complementary pairs. This is a great way to expand your "paintbox" exponentially. Why limit yourself to proprietary colors developed by ProChem and Dharma? Proprietary colors can vary from dyelot to dyelot. Also, if you get hooked on a proprietary hue and it is discontinued, what then? The major primaries are rarely discontinued and are much more consistent.

I glue my swatches onto card stock and record my "formula" on the back of the card, so I can replicate it over and over.  Here's a yard of cotton hemp fabric that I dyed using two hues from two different palettes. A deep bronze combined with dark teal.  Sometimes I add a color in the middle, but for this piece I decided to allow a little of the natural color of the hemp to remain to give my eye a little respite from the saturated color.

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