Friday, November 9, 2012

A note on sewing

Here are some new batik bright orange and golden yellow. Every time I make a set of these, I am again impressed with Carey's sewing. Carey, owner of GypsyThread, sewed these napkins for me. She makes them out of undyed cotton broadcloth. I ask her to use cotton thread -- that way, the thread dyes at the same time and you get a coordinated look.

I wax and dye these and then boil them to remove the wax. They really take a beating!  But because Carey is such a great seamstress, they don't fall apart. Try that with those napkins you bought at Marshall's! They also keep their shape. Last year, right before Christmas, I bought two dozen napkins from Marshall's. They were a bargain -- about $1.50 each. But after I washed them, they became completely mishapen. I don't really understand that, because they weren't even made from cotton, but some kind of blend. So, they didn't turn out to be the great deal I thought they were. Carey makes these napkins with perfect mitred corners too. A skill absent in my household!

It also makes me feel good to support another American craftsperson!

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