Thursday, October 25, 2012

Made in Virginia for a happy occasion

This week, a custom order for wedding gift. I think a handmade gift for a wedding is a fabulous idea. You can be certain the happy couple will not receive a duplicate of your gift! Plus, it says you've made a little extra effort to find a craftsperson who creates by hand, rather than clicking on a registry item and purchasing something made in a factory in China.  And, best of all, it keeps folks like me engaged in what we enjoy doing for a living!

You can see the carpet of birch leaves that is my backyard in this picture. I will rake them all to one side and let them compost over the winter. They will make a great addition to my flower beds next spring.


Kim Barron said...

Very pretty. Did you do batik for the design?
I'm curious how large they are, are they large napkins?

JacksonFabricArts said...

Hi Kim,
yes, they are batiked. Napkins are about 18" by 18". My friend Carey at Gypsy Thread (she's on Etsy) sews them for me from mercerized cotton with cotton thread. I wax and dye them. The detailing on them is terrific -- she sews mitred corners perfectly.

Kim Barron said...

My mitered corners aren't so fabulous. They take a lot of fussing on my part - as does a lot of my sewing. Which is why I'm not into sewing for enjoyment.