Friday, October 26, 2012

Cooking Up Fabric While the Storm Brews

Yet another storm approaches. The last storm, the "derecho" caused havoc. No power for several days. A real headache. Here's hoping that Sandy will smile on us and go away. It is ironic that a storm can cause such damage in our supposedly technologically advanced society. A reminder that there are still many forces we cannot control. Having grown up in the "third world", where we often went without power and water, it seems so odd to be in northern Virginia and have to spend hours looking for ice.  I am loving my outdoor clothesline. It also came in handy this week when my dryer died. Getting back to basics is a good thing.

Before the pending deluge, I'm finishing up a few projects.  Trying to build up my inventory of napkins and tea towels for the holiday season. These are napkins that I've dyed in a soft blue and waxed with star shapes. I will be overdyeing them in navy blue.

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