Saturday, September 29, 2012

The last flush of summer

The last flush of summer

......and good things come to those who wait

I've been on somewhat of a hiatus. A break from fabric making, blogging, facebooking...... It has been a good thing. The constant connection to the interwebs can be exhausting, and I needed a break.

When I'm not making fabric, I am usually gardening. Gardening, like fabric creation, requires great patience. My patience was rewarded this week as this pineapple sage burst forth into a flash of red. I've become obsessed with salvia species over the last few years. I've not grown Salvia elegans before. I've had this plant for two years and have moved it around the garden, waiting for the right conditions for bloom. It is fabulous isn't it? The fragrance of the leaves when rubbed is fruity and warm. Summer captured in a leaf.  

The days are shortening, the light lengthening. With the brisk air seeps in the whispered promise of dormancy and renewed growth.

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