Monday, April 30, 2012

Tundra Time

Here's a batch of cotton/hemp blend fabric I dyed in my Tundra palette. Rich, deep hues that are a little unusual I think. They all work well together, because they are all made with the same two dyes, just in different proportions. These have a higher value than the cotton yards I showed you on Friday. With a darker value, sometimes a slight shift in hue will occur too.

I tend to like yellows and greens that flirt with chartreuse, so the sorrel and saxifrage are really appealing to me.  I've also dyed some embroidery thread in these tundra hues and am washing those now.

This week, my other job in the garden calls. After starting tomatoes indoors with the children, it's time to repot them into larger containers and wait until overnight temps are much warmer before we plant them in the ground. Our daytime highs have fluctuated from the fifties to the eighties in April and we even had a freeze warning a few days ago. We'll be starting three kinds of cotton indoors this week too.

Here's a great source for cotton seeds if you are looking for some:

Southern Exposure

Cotton seeds are difficult to find. I love this seed catalogue. They specialize in open-pollinated organic and heirloom seeds.

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Colleen Kole said...

Those fabrics are beautiful. And their names are really appropriate!