Thursday, October 20, 2011

Creating a Feather

After much procrastination, I'm started to work on a feather for Jude Hill's Magic Feather Project.  I'm using an arashi shibori piece I made a few weeks ago. The 45 degree patterning of the arashi shibori is a natural soulmate, I think, for a feather. I cut the piece apart and sewed it together. This is one side.

This is the other side. Haven't decided which side to use yet. They both offer lots of possibilities.

This is a 100 percent hemp linen that is a pleasure to hand stitch.

I've also hand dyed some embroidery floss in the same blue hue. I think I'll use that to stitch the outline of the feather and to perhaps embellish a bit.


jude said...


sandy outworldarts spartasoap said...

This is going to be beautiful. What a wonderful project that is.

JacksonFabricArts said...

Thanks Jude and Sandy! As you know, I'm a dyer, not a stitcher, so can't make any promises :)