Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Fabric Experiments

I'm working my way through the hemp fabrics I've bought and testing them using the many techniques I use in my studio. One of the fabrics I've purchased is a 100 percent hemp "summercloth", comparable to a medium weight flax linen. Earlier, I wrapped and bound it arashi style, and was happy with the results. So, the next process I wanted to test out was stitched shibori.

I folded the piece of fabric in half and drew on pattern lines with a soft pencil. Then I stitched lines in small running stitch. I wet the fabric and gathered the stitches tightly before dyeing it in a lichen green dyebath. I chose a dark depth of shade -- 6%. I really like darker values for shibori because they provide the best contrast with the stitched patterns.

Here it is.  What do you think?  I am quite happy with it. The stitching is very prominent. The lines almost look like rows of teeth, don't they?  I like the mottled patterning between the white teeth also. I suspect the heavier weight and looser threadcount of this fabric is what makes this stitched shibori so successful.  When I compare it to some of my cotton broadcloth shibori, this hemp shibori has bolder, stronger lines.

If you'd like to see and feel the texture of this hemp linen, send me an email to sljack@jacksonfabricarts.com. I'll send you a washed, undyed swatch. Thanks for reading and happy dyeing.


Gypsy Thread said...

I received samples of your hemp blends and organic fabrics today. Beautiful. I can't stop feeling them.
Love to watch the new color creations you come up with too!
You can be sure that I'll be placing some sort of order before the end of the month.

JacksonFabricArts said...

Thanks Gypsy. I'm glad you like the hemps I sent. I especially love the silk hemp blend. Talk with you soon.