Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A New Pattern called Romulus

I didn't have time to post this before running out the door to Canada, so I'm updating my fabric friends now.  I introduced two new textile patterns in August. The first pattern I'm calling Romulus.  It's a pattern based on a Roman mosaic tile. You've probably already noticed I'm very fond of mosaic patterns. I enjoy their regular linear form and how they fit together to make interesting patterns, whether on a floor, wall, or a piece of fabric.

On the left you'll see the pattern on paper in black and white.

The black areas of the pattern will be waxed, the white areas will remain unwaxed. Then, when I dye the fabric, the waxed areas (black) will remain white (or the color of my original fabric), and the white areas will absorb and react with the dye.

I waxed the fabric in my new pattern and then dyed it in a bold lichen green. For this piece, I used a 4% depth of shade.  If I like the hue and value and want to be able to replicate it, keeping track of the depth of shade I used is critical.

Here's the finished piece --


I really like this pattern!  As with most mosaic patterns I find they work best with strong contrasts. Next, I'll try this pattern in deep navy or dark red.

This fabric is available in my Etsy store:

Romulus 20" wide by 38" long

Thanks for sharing my creative process.


jude said...

hi, just ordered from your shop, i love your work, i would love to add you to my supplier list, just checking the quality of your fabric for stitching.

JacksonFabricArts said...

Thanks for the business and support Jude! The lichen green fabric you ordered is a 78 by 76 threadcount cotton that I buy from TestFabrics. I also use their cotton broadcloth, which is 132 by 72 threadcount. I'll send along a sample of that also, in case you're interested in ordering a pattern using that fabric.