Monday, August 3, 2009

Navy Hand Dyed Batik Caracol

Caracol is a new pattern in my batik patterns. What I really love about swirl pattterns is that you can create very different overall patterns just by adjusting the placement of the swirl motif.

For example, in this piece, I changed the direction of the swirl every other row. One could get a very different overall pattern by placing the motifs in a square pattern instead, with the openings of the swirls meeting each other in the middle of the square. I might have to try that next.

I have tried Caracol in red, turquoise and navy so far. This kind of bold, large motif seems to work best where there is a strong contrast between the white motif and the colored background. I have some wonderful lichen green dye I need to try it with next.

The pattern would look fabulous on some very large pillows - 20 inch square would look terrific. It needs to be used on a large enough piece that you can see the repeat.

Navy blue Caracol is available now in my Etsy shop. I have a limited number of fabric swatches available in this pattern also.

Like the pattern but don't have a use for navy? I can dye this batik in at least a dozen colors and combinations of hues. Send me an email to discuss your custom needs.

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