Monday, August 31, 2009

Custom Fabric Order -- Turquoise and Blue Batik - Minoan Fishscale

I have really struggled with the stamp for this fabric. I mounted the stamp to a piece of hard foam with various adhesives and still can't find one that will withstand the heat of the wax pot for more than 30 minutes without falling apart. Aargh. Hot wax seeps under the stamp and pretty soon it's a big mess.

Having said that, I managed to produce a yard of this fabric. I started out by dyeing a yard of Kona cotton in a turquoise dyebath. I used a cup of Glauber salt and it resulted in a deeper value of turquoise than when I use just plain old salt.

I then stamped the turquoise fabric with the fishscale design and submerged it in a navy dyebath. I used nearly 2 oz. of navy dye, but the resulting color was more cobalt than navy. I suspect the lower thread count and heavier weight of the Kona cotton requires a higher percentage of dye than most.

A half yard of this fabric was purchased by Jamie Ribisi Braley, a fellow artist and shop owner on Etsy. She's making a scarf with it. Can't wait to see the pictures! In the meantime, check out Jamie's store on Etsy:

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