Saturday, May 30, 2009

Raving about Red

I haven't posted in a long time, as I 've been experimenting with different techniques and carving more stamps!

One of my latest creations is a pattern I'm calling Minoan fishscale. Here it is in Terracotta Red on Etsy.

A relatively easy stamp to carve, it's based on a mosaic from Crete. I love being able to use an ancient design and know it can work for a quilt, wall hanging, or an interior accessory.

It's also a very forgiving pattern if you don't align it exactly. Applying hot wax can be tricky and is not always precise, so I like a pattern that looks good even when I have an oops! moment.

The dye color I used for this piece is a deep terracotta red, with rusty orange undertones. I am crazy about it. It takes a far amount of dye to get the rich color, so it isn't exactly economical, but the result is lovely.

This pattern would look gorgeous on throw pillows. It works beautifully with the colors in my family room -- warm yellow, brown, red and toffee.

I'm considering trying this pattern with a navy dye next -- another classic look.

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