Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fuschia on Fuschia Damask Pearl Fabric

Thought I'd try out a new technique....hand painting previously hand dyed fabric. I started out with a fat quarter of cotton that I had hand dyed in fuschia using low water immersion. The fabric is a medium fuschia, with lots of darker fuschia swirls throughout.

I bought some wonderful repeating stencils and used a damask stencil to apply the design. I used Lumiere magenta fabric paint. The color of the paint is very close to the fabric colors, so it blends beautifully, while adding another layer texture with its pearly finish. What a wonderful paint! Easy to apply and dries quickly too.

Fabric stenciling isn't difficult, but certainly does take some time. This fat quarter took about 2 hours to paint all together. I had to wait for one section to dry before I could move the stencil to continue the pattern repeat.

The most difficult part was photographing it! The pearlescent finish just doesn't photograph well at all. This photo doesn't really do it justice.

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