Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Color Combinations

Over the last several weeks, I've been busy trying out some new color combinations. As with anything involving dyeing, you have to like surprises!

My favorite dyes are those that I can use in different concentrations with wonderful and wide ranging results. I call these my workhorse dyes. They offer great value and flexibility.

One of my favorite dyes is fuschia. Depending on its concentration, it can yield a color ranging from a pale rose reminiscent of David Austen roses to a bright, knock your socks off, shocking pink. Here are two examples. Hard to believe they were created with the same dye, isn't it?

I also used maroon dye to create both of these fabrics. I love the way it works both with the pale pink and the hot pink. I suspect there must be some fuschia in the maroon mix for them to work so beautifully together.

For the hot pink batik, I dyed the fabric in fuschia before waxing it with the leaf block pattern. Then I dyed it in a dark shade of maroon. The maroon has enough visual weight to balance out the brightness of the fuschia. You really could make an infinite range of combinations with just these two dyes, fuschia and maroon. Want to see more pictures? Click here to view my Picasa web albums.

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